robed in green and gold

flock from the courthouse grove

to which they shall return for evening prayer

in interim assaulting with pious declarations


hard fruit

they roost and eat

from the underside of a frond

why he is perched upside down?

one demands of the Groundskeeper



in the schoolyard hedges

tomcat is forgetting night terrors

eaten out bellies of strays that hang

in black jaws like crescent moons



so engrossed in struggle

you are forgiven for thinking

he was wrestling an Angel



a child on christmas

turning a loose glass bulb

illuminating dewey orbs

hung on leylines of spider’s silk


strung between disparate space

each lattice vibrating gently

it seems to the fly

with the force of far-off Knocking



in a nook of sheet metal awning

hen bows her head

upon a manger of twigs and trash

awaiting the booming voice


and its implications further than alpha centauri

heaven closer than the Principal in his garage

rearranging courses on the master schedule

all through the long summer



Joseph Byron Bennett



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